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Our mission is simple: Sustainability through quality education (SDG 4). We serve the business needs of companies within local communities. As part of the "Social License to Operate", local businesses will help improve the quality of life through quality education. The unique educational needs of each community are identified by our local educators for our local youth, and funded by the local businesses.

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To solve the problem of ambiguity for social return on investment and corporate social responsibility (CSR) to achieve quality education (SDG4).


Businesses will focus on what they do best without guessing the needs of educators or compromising social returns on investment. 


International Network for Corporate Social Responsibility (IN-CSR)

  • Consulting (Education & Sustainability)

  • Advocacy

  • Literacy

  • Sustainability Training

  • Educators' Professional Development

  • STEAM Education

  • Youth Empowerment & Leadership

  • Educational Field Trips

  • International Collaboration

  • Implementing United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4, Quality Education

les and kay sdg.jpg

Giving back to your community is part of your citizenship. Contact our  partners: IN-CSR and LES & KAY) to find out how your business may fulfill its corporate social responsibility for United Nations' Quality Education (SDG 4).

Service is the rent we pay for living on this earth.

- Shirley Chisholm.

Adopt Our School with your CSR funds and encourage local schools to pledge ethical ways to support your brand in large numbers.

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